Varsity Cross Country · High School Cross Country Athletes of the Week, Character Development Focus- October 16

Please join us in congratulating and celebrating our Athletes of the Week:

Dylan Kretchmar

Regina Rose

Andrew Crum

Bryan Harms

We are very proud of these athletes for their work ethic, commitment to the process of success, and great races at Worthington!


Delayed Gratification

We live in a world where the “secret” to success isn’t a secret- it’s discipline. The cumulative impact of daily action repeated over time is enormous. To do what others can’t, you must consistently and repeatedly do what others don’t. By daily acting exceptionally different than the majority with your habits, you make yourself extra-ordinary. Consistently repeated, this purposeful extra-ordinary behavior creates the habit of excellence. Practice Habits lead to Competition Habits lead to Competition Results.

We are extremely excited to see these extraordinary habits on display and shine at the LCL Championships. We are so very proud of athletes and their hard work, dedication, and teamwork all season. This truly is a special group of young women and men!


I would like to say an extremely heartfelt THANK YOU to our senior athletes. You have led the best way possible- by example. We will greatly miss your work ethic and smiles. You have laid the foundation for a great future and we will forever remember the class of 2021.

“The mark of a great society is when old men and women plant trees whose shade they will never sit in.”


      Katelyn Messner  

Addison Lilly

Jenna Unkefer

Dylan Kretchmar

George Burczak

Daniel Pappas

Ian Law

Jon Dickerman

Seth Werner

Adam Spieles