Multiple Teams · Required Documentation for Return to Sport after Receiving a Positive COVID-19 Test

Granville Exempted Schools Required Documentation for Return to Sport after Receiving a Positive COVID-19 Test

Granville Schools and OSU Wexner Medical Center Sports Medicine partner to provide Granville student athletes the best care possible for treating injuries or illnesses.  Ohio State Physicians and Athletic Trainers have been following the COVID-19 pandemic closely and are working with the most up to date best practices for managing and returning athletes to sport after testing positive for COVID-19.

Physicians and researchers are finding potential side effects related to COVID-19. One of these is myocarditis, or inflammation of the heart. This can be a concern for athletes returning to sport and physical activity as it can lead to increased inflammation of the heart, arrhythmias and even death. This is one reason it is important all athletes see a physician for final clearance before returning to practice or competition.

At this time, Granville and the Ohio State Wexner Medical Center Athletic Training staff require a physician clearance note for any athlete who has tested positive for COVID-19. This is to ensure they are medically fit to return to full sport activity and have been cleared for any potential side effects or issues related to COVID-19.

What is required for return to practice/competition?

  • Letter from the Health Department stating that the student-athlete has been released from quarantine and are no longer a risk to spread COVID19.
  • Physician clearance note stating the student-athlete may return to sports/activity.

There will be a gradual return to activity with the Athletic Trainer at the school to monitor for any issues with returning to sport/activity.

Please feel free to contact your Athletic Trainer if you have any questions or if you wish to schedule with an Ohio State Sports Medicine physician for follow up and clearance.