Middle School Cross Country · Upcoming Mandatory Practices

Hello All:

As we prepare to hopefully move into our cross country season, MANDATORY practices are scheduled to begin August 3rd. We will meet every day but forThursdays. Until school begins (in whatever capacity it may be), we will continue to meet 8:30a to 9:45a.

Practice Locations:

Mondays: Spring Valley
Tuesdays: Infirmary Mound Park – shelter 5
Wednesdays: Infirmary Mound Park – shelter 5
Thursdays: Off
Friday: Outside The Commons behind GMS

Commitment is critical to our team’s development. Missing practices should be avoided as much as possible. Athletes are allowed three (3) excused absences. Examples of these are other school commitments and healthcare appointments. Two (2) unexcused absences will also be permitted. Athletes/parents must notify a coach via email or text when and why there will be an absence. We are responsible for your athletes during practice. If someone is absent without notification, we will send an email to the parent(s) to make sure the athlete is safe and accounted for.

Some of you have already let us know about vacation plans made for August prior to joining XC. Please send us reminders of the dates your athlete will be absent and we will consider those days “excused.”
Important Information on COVID Safety:

Coaches will continue to survey athletes on their health and record their temperatures upon arrival to practice. If an athlete reports without having his/her temperature taken, he/she will be sent home.

Per the Athletic Director, all athletes MUST have a mask on when entering the building. Masks must be worn at all times indoors by students. The only exception is when students are physically participating in practices.

Also, building access is limited to only coaches and athletes. Parents are not to be in the building at anytime.

Prior to school starting, it will be rare for us to be inside the school buildings.

It is very important we abide by these guidelines. I recommend that athletes carry a labeled drawstring bag to practice to hold their mask, water bottle and any other items (cell phones, inhalers, etc) they may need while at practice.

If an athlete has an elevated temperature and/or is not feeling well for ANY reason, please let us know and do NOT report to practice.

We will take next week, July 27 -31, OFF from conditioning. Athletes should get out on their own or with a teammate and run for 20/30 minutes at least three times that week. Don’t forget a regimen of core work and pushups.

Reminder that August 8th (a Saturday) is team picture day. August 15th is our intrasquad Partner Relay Day with the high school XC team.

We are excited about the work ethic, growth and talent we’ve seen over the conditioning period. Let’s all hope together for continued good health and a safe Fall sports season.